Additional Comments
Board Letter003910898.pdf
Status report for the Inland Feeder Program for the month ending October 2001MWD Board of Directors
10-1Board of Directors^Engineering, Operations and Real Property Comm
Board Letter003910901.pdf
Report on federal and state proactive legislative priorities to be pursued by Metropolitan during 2002MWD Board of Directors
9aCommunications, Outreach and Legislation Comm
Board Letter003910899.pdf
Determination of water revenue requirements for fiscal year 2002/03MWD Board of Directors
Committee Item
9AAudit, Budget and Finance Committee
Board Letter003910896.pdf
Authorize payments for increased calendar year 2001 State Water Project charges; payments for State Water Project and Devil Canyon/Castaic contracts for 2002 Statement of Charges; and increase in fiscal year 2001/02 State Water Project budgetMWD Board of Directors
9-2Audit, Budget and Finance Committee^Board of Directors
Board Letter003910895.pdf
Authorize entering into agreement for engineering support services for the Arrowhead Tunnels of the Inland Feeder ProgramMWD Board of Directors
9-1Board of Directors^Engineering, Operations and Real Property Comm
Board Letter003910893.pdf
Approve Executive Committee recommendation for changes in committee structure and appointmentsMWD Board of Directors
6EBoard of Directors^Executive Committee
Board Letter003910894.pdf
Adopt resolution to apply for and accept funding, if awarded, pursuant to the Local Groundwater Management Assistance Act of 2000MWD Board of Directors
8-1Board of Directors^Water Planning, Quality and Resources Committee