Additional Comments
Board Letter064869411.pdf
Adopt CEQA determinations and rescind Board action taken on April 10, 2018à; authorize Metropolitan to provide additional financial support of California WaterFix sufficient to fully fund the unsubscribed share of the project up to 64.6% of totalàMWD/Board of Directors
8-6Board of Directors
Board Letter064869401.pdf
Adopt CEQA determination, appropriate $3.06 million and authorize design and construction of dewatering and monitoring upgrades for Palos Verdes Reservoir; and design of a drainage system for the reservoir siteMWD/Board of Directors
8-2Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter064869403.pdf
Adopt CEQA determination and express support for the Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018MWD/Board of Directors
8-3Board of Directors^Communications and Legislation Committee
Board Letter064869405.pdf
Adopt CEQA determination and authorize payments of up to $4.48 million for participation in the State Water Contractors, Inc. and the State Water Project Contractors Authority for fiscal year 2018/19MWD/Board of Directors
8-4Board of Directors^Water Planning and Stewardship Committee
Board Letter064869395.pdf
Adopt CEQA determination and appropriate $800,000; and authorize installation of internal seals within San Diego Pipeline No. 1MWD/Board of Directors
7-1Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter064869399.pdf
Adopt CEQA determination and appropriate $2.3 million; and authorize final designs to replace the domestic water treatment systems at the Colorado River Aqueduct pumping plants and the roadway pavement at the pumping plant villagesMWD/Board of Directors
8-1Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter07102018 RPAM 7-2 B-L.pdf
Adopt CEQA and authorize granting a lease to the Western Center Community Foundation, for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a new sign on Metropolitan fee-owned property near Diamond Valley Lake in the city of HemetMWD/Board of Directors
BOD agenda item 7-2Real Property and Asset Management Committee