Additional Comments
Submitted Items and Responses064859807.pdf
Request to make a presentation to Metropolitan's Board re Metropolitan's 2015 Urban Water Management PlanGeneral Manager, Metropolitan Water District
WP&S agenda item 8cWater Planning and Stewardship Committee
Submitted Items and Responses064859803.pdf
Letter opposing entering into cyclic agreements providing a credit up to $225 per-acre-foot in lieu of deliveries in fiscal year 2017/18General Counsel, Metropolitan Water District
Board Letter 8-7 July 11, 2017Board of Directors
Submitted Items and Responses064859801.pdf
Letter opposing construction of advanced water treatment demonstration plantMWD/Board of Directors
Board Letter 8-3 July 11, 2017Board of Directors
Submitted Items and Responses064859805.pdf
Letter opposing approval of corrections to resolution fixing and adopting a Readiness-to-Serve Charge for calendar year 2018MWD/Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Submitted Items and Responses064859799.pdf
Letter opposing adoption of policy principles guiding Metropolitan's role in regional implementation of the Integrated Water Resources PlanGeneral Counsel, Metropoltian Water District
Board Letter 8-2 July 11, 2017Board of Directors