Additional Comments
Board Letter003958325.pdf
Status report for the Inland Feeder Program for activities through December 2004MWD/Board of Directors
9-1Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter003958321.pdf
Authorize agreements for implementation of the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation ProgramMWD/Board of Directors
8-1Board of Directors^Legal and Claims Committee
Board Letter003958307.pdf
Approve executing one-year water transfer option agreements with Richvale Irrigation District and Western Canal Water DistrictMWD/Board of Directors
7-4Board of Directors^Water Planning, Quality and Resources Committee
Board Letter003958301.pdf
Approve Administrative Code amendments to annexation charge calculationMWD/Board of Directors
7-1Board of Directors^Budget, Finance, Investment and Insurance Committee
Board Letter003958323.pdf
Appropriate $9.4 million; and award an $8.545 million procurement contract to Ameron International Corporation to furnish pipe for the Skinner Oxidation Retrofit Program (Approp. 15388)MWD/Board of Directors
8-2Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter003958303.pdf
Appropriate $840,000; and authorize three replacement and refurbishment projects within the Diemer Improvements Program (Approp. 15380)MWD/Board Directors
7-2Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter003958305.pdf
Appropriate $2.16 million; and award a contract to DenBoer Engineering & Construction Inc. for repairs to the West Valley Feeder No. 1 (Approp. 15377)MWD/Board of Directors
7-3Board of Directors^Engineering and Operations Committee
Board Letter003958309.pdf
Amend Ethics Policy in Administrative Code to comply with current rules and regulationsMWD/Board of Directors
7-5Board of Directors^Ethics Subcommittee
Board Letter003958311.pdf
Adopt final resolutions for annexation and imposition of water standby charge for the Baxter Annexation to San Diego County Water Authority and MetropolitanMWD/Board of Directors
7-6Board of Directors
Board Letter003958319.pdf
Adopt final resolutions approving annexation of Western MWD's 47th Fringe Area into Metropolitan's service area, imposing a water standby charge, and certifying an addendum to the previously certified EIR documenting changesMWD/Board of Directors
7-7Asset, Real Estate and Infrastructure Policy Com^Board of Directors